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Three areas of expertise

Public Affairs

Our experts in public affairs communications help clients manage and build relations with decision and policy makers at all levels – local, regional, national and supranational.

Decision makers are faced with opinions and requests at all times. Those who want to make their voice heard need to target decision makers effectively.

Through our broad network and extensive experience, we identify what is relevant to decision makers, attract their attention and point out how to contribute to their overarching vision and beliefs. Because understanding who decision makers and policy makers answer to is also key to attaining a share of voice, we always conduct a stakeholder analysis for each client and assignment.

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public-affairs-euEuropean affairs

Navigating the complex maze of EU legislation, decision-making structures and procedures is vital for any company operating in Europe. We provide advice on policy issues, help position clients with European institutions and open channels to key decision makers and influencers.

public-affairs-euFinancial Services - Brussels

Over 20 years experience advising a wide range of clients including banks, investment firms, insurers and market infrastructures. We are among the largest providers of services to the financial sector in Brussels and are well placed to promote effective dialogue with policy makers.

public-affairs-euFinancial Services – EU

Our network of specialists in financial services and public affairs gives clients with broad pan-European interests in-depth understanding of the many processes involved in the initiation, shaping and adoption of EU legislation and policy.

public-affairs-houseGovernment relations

Creating long-term and sound relations with policy and decision makers in the client’s particular market is important for any company. Through our network encompassing the entire public arena in our markets, we help our clients establish relations which support their business.

public-affairs-hammerLitigation support

Litigation can put your corporate reputation at immediate risk. Developing compelling and clear messages and delivering them correctly may be the difference between a full-blown crisis and remaining unscathed. We help clients win outside and inside the courthouse.

public-affairs-bubblesOpinion building

Shaping opinion is the heart of public relations. Every company or organisation wants to get their view across. Our consultants are experts in drafting strategies and preparing activities which aim to raise the client’s views and shape opinion among key target groups.

public-affairs-podiumCompetition and trade

Competition is an important part of a functioning market economy. Regulators have the task of ensuring that no company or industry grows too strong, thereby distorting competition. Our competition teams are highly skilled in dealing with regulators and how they affect a company’s business.

public-affairs-magnifying-glassPolicy monitoring

The decisions of policy makers’ affect companies and industries every day. Staying on top of the policies that are important and how they may affect a business is crucial in efforts to influence the outcome. We support clients every day with monitoring services.

public-affairs-bookRegulation issues

Staying informed about issues that could affect your business and reputation is more important than ever. We help clients monitor and act on regulatory issues relevant to their business or industry. This is of particular importance within the EU.