Solving problems maximising opportunities

  • Three areas of expertise with an integrated approach

  • Offering a broad range of services

  • Understanding all stakeholders


Our expertise

With a global network and strong local presence, we offer our clients, from the large multinational to the small local firm, the best specialists for their particular needs.

We strive to serve our clients with professional advice relevant to their business, by identifying the true issues and challenges and solving them. Our integrity, a value which we will not compromise, has kept us in business for over four decades.

Our strength is our ability to integrate the three disciplines of corporate communications, financial communications and public affairs, enabling us to mirror all communications with the client’s core business model and stakeholder groups.

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Corporate Communications

A company or organisation’s reputation is one of the most decisive attributes in terms of how it is perceived by its primary and secondary stakeholders, be it customers, owners, decision makers or employees.

A company with a tainted reputation and weak relations with influential stakeholders, whatever the reason, will suffer on the bottom line. We help our clients manage and obtain the desired profile and position on the markets in which they operate. This is crucial to ensure that the business is sustainable and profitable over time.

By employing Kreab as a strategic communications advisor, a company or organisation can continue to focus on its core business.

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Financial Communications

The financial market is ultimately a source of capital – the corporate lifeblood. Capital is gained from a range of investors, with whom a company needs to secure solid and good relations. Poor relations with or vague messages to this group of stakeholders may put capital at risk. Increasingly frequently, companies and the financial market have different interpretations which result in unnecessary losses or market fluctuations.

The financial market is also highly regulated with policy makers constantly monitoring its operations. This adds to the need for appropriate relations with a broad range of stakeholders, beyond just investors. When Kreab advises clients on issues, it brings together financial and public affairs communications, including IPOs, deals requiring authority clearance or investments in publicly funded projects.

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Public Affairs

Our experts in public affairs communications help clients manage and build relations with decision and policy makers at all levels – local, regional, national and supranational.

Decision makers are faced with opinions and requests at all times. Those who want to make their voice heard need to target decision makers effectively.

Through our broad network and extensive experience, we identify what is relevant to decision makers, attract their attention and point out how to contribute to their overarching vision and beliefs. Because understanding who decision makers and policy makers answer to is also key to attaining a share of voice, we always conduct a stakeholder analysis for each client and assignment.

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